How To Keep Your Day Job, With The Morning Star Consultants

Episode #2 - A coffee with Stephanie Staples.

September 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 2
How To Keep Your Day Job, With The Morning Star Consultants
Episode #2 - A coffee with Stephanie Staples.
Show Notes

How To keep Your Day Job Show Notes – Season 1, Episode 2

 Come join us to lean into change, into acceptance, motivation and listen to the life of a public speaker, coach and communicator. Stephanie will talk about how she turned her life's work upside down, how she just knew there was more and you will hear how she was brave enough to go out and find the more she was searching for. Now she spends her days empowering others to find their why too. 

In this episode we are in conversation with Stephanie Staples. They say she is like a ‘breath of fresh air’!

Stephanie has an eclectic background that combines nursing, communication, fitness and business. She is the author of several books, an award-winning entrepreneur, a Certified Professional Speaker, a psychosocial wellness specialist and an expert storyteller. She delivers value in a refreshing, unique and unforgettable way. She is fast-paced, interactive and gives an idea-packed program that leaves audiences laughing, inspired and armed with a full set of immediately actionable tools that will positively impact their life and livelihood. 

Stephanie is a Women Entrepreneur of the Year award winner for Contributions to Community.  She is a wife, mom, and triathlete (she came in last, but she sees that as a win). As a social entrepreneur, she is proud to have a wide range of clients from IBM to Mercedes Benz and works with busy professionals from the Mayo Clinic to the Middle East to help them discover the time, energy and motivation to bring their ‘A’ game to work and life! Her programs are proven to increase feelings of hope, happiness & empowerment for participants. Stephanie delivers her programs in a fun and engaging manner that leaves clients with easily actionable takeaways to both implement and teach to others.

With over 200 recommendations on LinkedIn, she must be doing something right. To learn more about Stephanie, check her out on LinkedIn or go to her website.

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